Vibe Architecture

Dae, also known as “The Vibe Architect” is a multitalented Creator, Brand Manager, Creative Director & Investor with 10+yrs experience in entertainment and marketing.

Their company House of Dae (Dream. Aim. Execute) focuses on education & motivation for Creative Entrepreneurs, inspired by her own journey as a young artist from Barbados, facing a Bipolar Disorder II diagnoses, homophobia and a harsh economic environment.


Dae has worked with large companies such as Ciroc, artists like Shontelle, Alison Hinds, Machel Montano, labels like Monk Music, and government agencies like the National Cultural Foundation.

Now, Dae has branched off from the Entertainment Industry in favor of developing small businesses, creatively. These businesses include Barbados' only high-end barbershop (Fame) and her family farm shop, Free Range.

"Make the Art a business, and the Business, an art" is Dae's approach to creative entrepreneurial success. 

They are now primarily focused on sharing their biggest past and ongoing lessons, in the hopes that these lessons can mentally prepare upcoming creatives for the challenges that come with the journey.

Through 1-on-1 consultations and "The Basement", Dae shares prized knowledge accumulated over a decade of pioneering in the Creative Industries.